In a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment, dream analysis psychotherapy can challenge you to look squarely at the challenges in front of you, to regain trust in yourself, to feel more alive, and experience confidence in your choices and attitudes.

Often, painful or uncomfortable mental and physical symptoms (i.e., dysfunctional relationships, bodily discomfort with no medical explanation, addictions, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety) are caused by unrecognized or disregarded emotions. Pulling back the curtain on old wounds, traumas or compartmentalized mind-sets often reveals realizations, relief, self-knowledge, acceptance, and increased inner strength. These changes can include finding your personal vision, gaining awareness about unhealthy patterns and unsatisfying relationships, and seeking a deeper and more authentic relationship with yourself.

Jungian Analysis is a form of talk therapy based on the teachings of the seminal Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung. By using your dreams, this face-to-face psychotherapy addresses the interaction of conscious and unconscious elements.

Have you ever had a dream that you felt compelled to understand its meaning? You are not alone.

Dream analysis often awakens artistic expression, heightens an understanding of one’s relationships to others and one’s self through a dream image that is symbolic of the symptom or issue. The symbolic nature of dreams makes them difficult to understand so they are often dismissed or forgotten shortly after we awake. However, once captured, studied and interpreted, dreams can provide an invaluable opportunity for personal development, reduction of painful symptoms and psychological growth. Jung's collaborator, Marie-Louise von Franz stated that, "Dreams originate from Nature itself. They have a superior intelligence in them and a guiding cleverness which leads us. They show us where we are wrong, warn us about danger, hint at the deeper meaning of our life, and convey to us illuminating insights."

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